Friday, May 20, 2005

Difficult Spot

Just got this from the PC HQ in Tashkent.
I'll state it to make it official (although I have been careful when regarding this policy so far) that all opinions expressed are my own and do not represent the policies or opinions of Peace Corps Uzbekistan.

to the intense media attention to this event, many reporters have been
seeking out PCVs and their communications, especially their blogs, to
use as
quotes in news stories. It is imperative that PCVs follow the attached
manual section as guidance for what to write in their blogs since they
accessible to the public. If you feel you have written anything that
violates the manual section below, including " identifying [you] with
controversial or political issues of local interest or local political
issues or movements," you must remove it immediately. This is also a
reminder that you are not permitted to distribute any information,
web articles or pictures, to locals. While you may feel an obligation
inform local citizens of events in Uzbekistan, especially if they do
have access to news, this is not allowed and is covered under the
section listed below. Also, if you are contacted by the media for an
interview please inform the office immediately and do not talk with the


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